Incredible!!! 4 Facts About Marvin Gaye That You Should Know

Today April 2nd is Marvin Gaye’s 60th post-humous  birthday, the man who wowed the ladies and got the guys adoring had he been alive would have been six decades today celebrating his diamond jubileee. You ate about to be presented with seven facts that you should know about the shining star of soul music

1 The reason for the ‘E’in Gaye; Marvin’s surname from birth was Gay but because of the taunts being thrown at him especially because of his father who was a cross dresser and most especially when it was rumoured that Marvin Gaye was gay, so he had to add the ‘e’ to his surname

2 Marvin saw what Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy saw: Great minds they say think alike, Marvin had a premonition about he being killed just like Abraham Lincoln who dreamed of his death and voiced it out before stepping into Ford’s Theatre and John F. Kennedy who told his wife as they touched down that he would be shot

3 Marvin armed his own killer: Marvin had premonitions about death and about dying he even went ahead to buy a gun for his father to kill who wanted so badly to kill him, that happened to be his undoing for little did he know that the gun that he bought to protect him was the very gun the killer used to shoot him twice, the killer was no other person than his own father Marvin Gay Senior

4 He sang to conquer: Marvin went into music for two reasons to create his own persona from the shadow of just being a preacher’s son to the very voice of soul and to silently get back at his father for all the years of physical abuse and mental and emotional torture he suffered as a child. His father could have stopped him from going into secular music but since he had the blessing of his mother, he won over his father without throwing a punch

Marvin though gone lives with us in his music, that soulful music of the past that continues to hit us in the present ushering us into the future, what do you have to say about this icon of soul


Incredible!!! August 12th 1989, August 12th 1996, Coincidence Or Divine Arrangement?

As a child, I grew up being told by much older folks that certain events were just a coincidence and nothing else and woe betide you as a child that you argue with your elders, the consequences is that you will either get scolded or have the hand of justice on your backside or in other words, you will be flogged. As I grew older, I began to learn that there events that were coincidental but life was a continuous cycle of events in which things happen in a strange yet accurate manner an example is Rashidi Yekini scoring Nigeria’s first World Cup goal on June 22nd 1994 at USA 94 and 24 years later, Ahmed Musa scored Nigeria’s first goal at Russia 2018 and both goals scored were against European opponents Bulgaria and Iceland respectively

August 12th 1989 and 1996 can be refereed as such  incredible days in the history of Nigerian football, a day many would want to forget one and remember the other. For reminders especially for the younger generation of followers of Nigerian football, August 12th 1989 was one of the darkest days in the history of Nigerian football, it was a day that as a ten year old I watched as Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji hit the turf of the Nigerian football never to rise again, Sam gave up the ghost on that day in a World Cup qualifier against Angola, a match Nigeria won by a lone goal. Nigeria won the match but at the price of a patriot. Seven years down the line at the same stadium, the U-23 had a qualifying match against the Young Pharaohs of Egypt which they won 3-2 the same lone goal difference. What got me thinking was that before the kick-off the match there was a minute silence observed on honour of late Samuel Okwaraji and maybe because of that honour the Nigerian team not only won the match the went on to Atlanta and claimed the gold medal in the footballing event, the first ever by an African nation. Now the question is where those two days, August 12th 1989 and 1996 mere coincidental events or where they arranged by the gods of football that Nigerians worship? People let me hear your side for this is where I rest my case.


10 Incredible World Cup Facts You Never Knew

There are still more World Cup facts that meets the eye and we have no other choice but to dish them out hot and steaming.

1 Four of the last five Golden Glove winners ended up on the World Cup winning team, Fabian Barthez of France in France 98, Gianluigi Buffon with Italy in Germany 2006, Iker Casillas of Spain in South  Africa 2010 and Oliver Neuer of Germany in Brazil 2014. Oliver Kahn won the Golden Glove Award but Germany didn’t win the World Cup in 2002

2 Holland has appeared in three World Cup finals and losing all three in 1934, 1938 and 2010

3 Norman Whiteside, Pele, Ringobert Song and Michael Owen are the youngest players to have played in a World Cup.

4 Lothar Matthaeus has made the most appearances in a World Cup, twenty-five appearances, two more than Italian legend, Paolo Maldini and four more than Argentine legend Diego Maradona.

5 The match between Portugal and Netherlands was the worst in times of discipline as it saw sixteen yellow cards, four  red cards with even those on reserve bench spoiling for a piece of the action. Luis Felipe Scolari kept his men under control but it wasn’t the same with Marco Van Basten who had lost control over his men.

6 Only six nations who hosted the World Cup ended as the tournament winners, Uruguay in 1930, Italy in 1934, England in 1966 , Germany in 1974, Argentina in 1978 and France 1998.

7 Germany have played more matches in the history of the World Cup than any individual nation. The German national team have played ninety-nine matches.

8 Brazil dominate the World Cup winning sixty-seven matches in nineteen tournaments scoring two hundred and ten goals

9 Only four teams have won every match in a tournament, Brazil 1970 and 2002, Uruguay in 1930 and Italy in 1938.

10 Italy and Brazil are the only champions who have retained their titles, Italy in 1934 and 1938 with Brazil holding onto theirs in 1958 and 1962 respectively.

10 Incredible World Cup Facts You Never Knew (1)

The World Cup, the world’s biggest football festival has kicked off with all the frenzy that goes with the football fiesta, with fans, friends and foes meet to do battle on the pitch for the coveted trophy which is up for grabs. To your amazement, there are 10 World Cup facts you never knew nor took notice of and here they are

1 Brazil are the last team to have reached three consecutive finals where they emerged winners in USA 94, runners up in France 98 and winners in Japan South Korea 2002, they are also the only country to have won it three times out of four, 1958, 1962, 1970.

2 Three defending champions were beaten in the opening match of the World Cup, Argentina were beaten 1-0 by Cameroun in Italia 90, France were beaten 1-0 by first timers Senegal and Spain were beaten 5-1 by Holland whom they defeated four years earlier in South Africa 2010

3 Italy came third when they hosted the World Cup in 1990 with then West Germany becoming the tournament winners, sixteen years later Germany hosted the tournament where they came third and Italy emerged champions

4 Diego Maradona’s Hand of God remains the most controversial World Cup goal to be scored

5 Argentina and Germany have met three times at the finals, in 1986, 1990 and 2014. Argentina beat West Germany in Mexico 86 but West Germany avenged their defeat four years later at Italia 90. When both teams crossed paths in Brazil 2014, it was a playback of Italia 90 where Argentina lost by the same margin they did twenty-four years ago 1-0

6 The third place matches since 1982 has been won by European nations

7 Senegal is the only African country to have reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup in their first appearance.

8 Nigeria and her next door neighbours Ghana have reached the second round of the tournament on their debut in 1994 and 2006 respectively.

9 Cameroun, Senegal and Ghana are the only African countries to have advanced to the quarter-final stages of the Mundial, Cameroun and Senegal were eliminated by European powerhouses, England and Turkey while Ghana was eliminated by Uruguay.

10 Only four times has the Golden Boot Winner emerged champion, Vava and Garrincha of Brazil  in 1962, Mario Kempes of Argentina in 1978, Paolo Rossi in 1982 and Ronaldo of Brazil in 2002.


Incredible!!! The Ras Kimono We Never Knew

Ras Kimono the Rub A Dub Master took a bow from the stage of life at the age of 60 after storming the music scene with his style of reggae music but unknown to us there was a side of him that most of us his admirers never knew.

1 His adoring fans knew him as Ras Kimono but he was born under the name Ekeleke Elumelu an indigene of Delta State.

2 He like Bob Marley before going solo was in a group called Jastix with another reggae legend, The Rain Maker Majek Fashek.

3 Like legends Bob Marley and Fela his music was mostly against the corrupt practices of the ruling class as well as the colonial imperialists with songs like ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Kill Apartheid’

4 Ras Kimono though sang about marijuana legalization never smoked or even drank

5 He died on the same day as music legend, Ray Charles, political icons Marcus Garvey and Hafes al-Assad

Rest in Peace Ras Kimono long will your legacies live among us whom you have left behind. Any kind words for this departed legend?

4 Incredible Things That Happened on February 13th

February 13th is a peculiar day in the life of many, to some it brings brightness and joy to others it is all darkness and glum. Here is our list of incredible things that happened on this day to many

1 February 13th 1945, the Allies planes begin their bombings of Dresden, Germany which results in a firestorm killing 22,000

2 February 13th 1974, George Foreman divorces his wife Adrienne Calhoun after three years of marriage

3 February 13th 1976, Nigeria’s military Head of State General Murtala Ramat Muhammed was assassinated in a failed bloody coup

4 February 13th 2000, Super Eagles of Nigeria lose the final of the African Cup of Nations at home to the Indomitable Lions of Cameroun on penalty shoot-out 4-2


Revealed!!! The Only Nigerian Female Athlete To Play For The Super Falcons

Chioma Ajunwa Opara is a lady of many sides, she is a public servant occupying the office of Assistant Commissioner of Police, she is a former athlete winning Nigeria the first ever Olympic gold medal, she is a wife as well as the mother of a set of triplets and she is a Nigerian, a great one at that.

Deep inside of her is a piece of information which is public to few and yet secret to many. The piece of information is not even accessible to the new generation of Nigerians popularly called the ‘Indomie’ generation and that information is simple, Chioma Ajunwa is the only Nigerian female to wait for it…. to play for the Super Falcons. Chioma was part of the Super Falcons team that qualified for the Women’s World Cup hosted by China in 1991 but spent most of her time on the bench because one of the coaches hated her guts. She would have continued in football but for the wet blanket coach.

This is one feat that legends like, Mary Onyali Omagbemi, Falilat Ogunkoya Osheku, Charity Opara and others can’t boast to have.