Revealed!!! The Only Nigerian Female Athlete To Play For The Super Falcons

Chioma Ajunwa Opara is a lady of many sides, she is a public servant occupying the office of Assistant Commissioner of Police, she is a former athlete winning Nigeria the first ever Olympic gold medal, she is a wife as well as the mother of a set of triplets and she is a Nigerian, a great one at that.

Deep inside of her is a piece of information which is public to few and yet secret to many. The piece of information is not even accessible to the new generation of Nigerians popularly called the ‘Indomie’ generation and that information is simple, Chioma Ajunwa is the only Nigerian female to wait for it…. to play for the Super Falcons. Chioma was part of the Super Falcons team that qualified for the Women’s World Cup hosted by China in 1991 but spent most of her time on the bench because one of the coaches hated her guts. She would have continued in football but for the wet blanket coach.

This is one feat that legends like, Mary Onyali Omagbemi, Falilat Ogunkoya Osheku, Charity Opara and others can’t boast to have.


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