8 Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Hat-Trick

The term hat-trick in sports is when a positive feat is achieved three times in a row either in the game of rugby, football or cricket. There are some facts you need to know about the term hat-trick

1 The first time hat-trick came up was in 1858 in cricket when H.H Stephenson made three wickets in three consecutive deliveries

2 The fastest recorded time for scoring a hat trick was 70 seconds set by Alex Torr in a Sunday league game in the year 2013

3 The first hat trick scored in an international game was scored by John McDougall, a Scottish player in a game against England on the 2nd of March 1878.

4 American player, Bert Patenuade scored the first hat trick in a FIFA World Cup against Paraguay in Uruguay 1930

5 The scorer of a hat trick especially in the game of football is given the ball as a prize

6 Carli Lloyd of USA scored the fastest hat trick against Japan in FIFA Women’s World Cup from kickoff

7 Jose Luis Chilavert is the first goal keeper to score a hat trick

8 Geoff Hurst of England scored two hat tricks against Germany then West Germany in 1966

Do you have any more facts about hat tricks that you would want to share? Please feel free and don’t forget to share this post with others.


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