8 Unforgettable Things To Remember Bob Marley For

It is precisely thirty-six years ago that the reggae legend Robert Nesta Marley popularly known as ‘Bob Marley’ passed on but true legends never die, they continue to live on in their legacies and here are just a few that makes Bob unforgettable

1 He was born on the 6th of February 1945 sharing is birthday with many other legends famous people like baseball legend Babe Ruth, former United States President, Ronald Reagan amongst others

2 His father Norval Sinclair Marley was a white Jamaican who was originally from Sussex, England

3 He Peter Tosh and Neville Livingston later known as ‘Bunny Wailer’ alongside Junior Braithwaite, Beverly Kelso and Cherry Smith formed the group ‘The Wailers’ in 1963 and disbanded in 1974 with the trio of Braithwaite, Kelso and Smith leaving first, Livingston is the only living member of the defunct group after the deaths of Marley in 1981 and Tosh in 1987

4 The group the Wailers were first known as ‘The Teenagers’ then ‘The Wailing Rudeboys and then ‘Wailing Wailers before they were finally known as ‘The Wailers’

5 Marley was raised as a Catholic but developed interest in Rastafari

6 Despite his illness he still continued to tour

7 He died in Miami on the 11th of May 1981, if he had been alive he would have been 72 on the 6th of February

8 Like Fela Anikulapo Kuti who was buried with a parel of hemp and three hundred naira, Marley was buried with a Rizla paper, his guitar, his ball and a copy of the Bible

Legends like him will forever live on in our hearts


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