3 Incredible Phone Calls From The Dead

What word you describe the situation when you finish receiving a strange phone call and when I mean strange I mean from a relative who you know is deceased. It is true that dead men don’t bite but some call and these people prove it.

1 A young man called Matt received a phone call from a friend of his older brother called Joe. The truth of the matter was that Joe died a few weeks before died of a heart trouble. Joe asked if Jeremy, Matt’s brother was at home, the latter though visibly shaken answered in the negative because he knew of a truth that it was not a gag or a joke, it was Joe’s voice unmistakably. When Matt checked the caller I.D, it read Out Of Area. Matt tried all he could but could not trace the call neither did Joe call back

2 A woman’s husband had been experiencing some strange things, he had been seeing his late grandfather’s caller I.D on their phone. They thought someone in grandpa’s house had been responsible for that but on digging deeper he was of the thought that grandpa was trying to communicate with because he called again while her husband was at work. His co-workers heard the phone ring but on checking it, it was from grandpa

3 A woman was about closing a file when she received a phone call from a client whom she had just made a check of $100 to a day before, in the words of her client she would not be needing the money after all though sounding vague and clearly distracted. The woman noted it and went back to work only to get the shock of her life while reading the newspaper that evening, she saw the obituary of the woman who called earlier, she had died a day before

These are true life experiences and not cooked up fallacies check thoughtco. com/Phantom-Phone-call-stories for more as well as the book ‘Phone Calls From The Dead’ written by Wendy Brenner.



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