5 Amazing Goal Scoring Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers who save goals are amazing, what is more amazing is when they put ball past their opposing goalkeeper here are just a few of these goal scoring goalies

1 Rogerio Ceni

This Brazilian remains a record holding goalkeeper holding tight onto a record many goalkeeper would either like to have or like to break, he remains the highest goal scoring keeper of all times with 131 goals to his name, his 100th goal was in a win for Sau Paulo

2 Jose Luis Chilavert

The temperamental former goaltender of Paraguay not only a goal scoring goalie to score a hat-trick and three penalties in a 6-1 victory over Ferro Carril Oeste while standing in goal for Velez Sarsfield He scored 67 goals in his career.

3 Asmir Begovic

The outstanding goalkeeper of Stoke City took what many thought was a goal kick only for it to end up in the back of not his own but his opponent’s net making him the goalkeeper that scored the fastest goal in an incredible thirteen seconds as well as the longest goal in history as his shot went an incredible 100 yards/98 meters in a match against Southampton in 2013

4 Rene Higuita

The long haired ball joggling goalie of Colombia who shot into the limelight during the World Cup, Italia 90 popularly remembered for the scorpion save in a friendly against England in 1995. Higuita is the proud scorer of 41 goals

5 Jorge Campos

The most colourfully dressed goalie in the world cannot be exempted from this list as he will be remembered mostly for four things, the goals he kept out, the goals he conceded, the goals he scored and his style of dressing which was more of clownish than classy. Campos scored 46 goals



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