8 Incredible Things You Never New About Yoghurt

Just thinking about it is making me all hungry for a bowl of it so before I reach for a bowl which is somewhere around me let me share with you some incredible facts about that hunger breaker called yoghurt

1 Yoghurt is mainly made from cow milk which is common all over the world

2 Yoghurt is surprisingly produced from a culture of bacteria and one of them is streptococcus thermophilius

3 It can also be produced be produced from the milk of water buffaloes, goats, ewes, mares, yaks, and camels

4 The word ‘Yoghurt’ is derived from a Turkish word and it is related to the verb ‘yogurmak’ which means to knead, curdle or to thicken

5 Isaac Carasso was the man who industrialized the production of yoghurt creating the world’s popular yoghurt brand ‘Danone’ which means ‘Little Daniel’ the name of his son

6 Yoghurt with fruit jam was patented in 1933 in Prague by a diary called Radlicka Mlekarna

7 Yoghurt is made of 81% water, 9% protein, 5% fat, 4% carbohydrates and 4% sugar

8 The yoghurt of the Indian subcontinent is known as ‘Dahi’ derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dadhi’

Who else has something to share about that delicacy called yoghurt?


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