6 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Sandwiches

So many sandwiches have been made but so little is known about those snacks which are eaten and enjoyed the world over, before your eyes are some facts unbelievable ones about those hunger quenching snacks

1 The Sandwich was created by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu after which it was named

2 According to Wall Street Journal, it described sandwiches as Britain’s biggest contribution to gastronomy

3 The history of sandwiches can be traced to the 18th-century in Europe

4 Before it was given the name ‘sandwiches’ they were simply known as ‘Bread and meats’ or bread and cheese

5 Sandwich first of all began as a portable finger food before it became prevalent all over the world

6 Sandwiches were popular both in Spain and England during the same century, the 19th century


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