11 Unbelievable Things About Prince You Never Knew

Today makes it precisely one year ago, Prince Roger Nelson popularly known as ‘Prince’ passed on but he left behind with us numerous legacies some which you would never believe

1 He signed his first record deal at the tender age of 18 with Warner Bros

2 Rolling Stone ranked as the 27th on its list of 100 Greatest Artists

3 He was supposed to be on Michael Jackson’s video ‘Bad’ but he backed out at the last minute for reasons best known to him

4 His song ‘Purple Rain’ spent 24 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200

5 Purple Rain was not only his most commercially successful album it also won an Academy Award as a film

6 His final album was titled ‘Hit n Run Phase Two’ which was released on the 12th of December 2015

7 As a performer he had other names like Camille and The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

8 Both his parents, John Lewis Nelson and Mattie Della were musicians while John was a pianist and songwriter

9 His childhood nickname was ‘Skipper’

10 It is believed that he was born epileptic because he used to have seizures when he was young

11 Prince was a proud winner of seven Grammy Awards

This is in honour of the Artist Formerly Known As Prince who made the world receive Purple Rain and the Gold Experience.


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