via Daily Prompt: Tenacious

The word ‘TENACIOUS’ from the sound of it means so much, it means to be persistent, it means to be stubborn, it means to hang on tight, it means to be tough, it also means not easily pulled apart, it also means obstinate. Every successful person be he an athlete, entepreneur, inventor or what have you can said to be labeled ‘Tenacious’. Legendary automobile maker, Henry Ford told his team that he wanted the V-8 engine made and let nobody turn up unless it had been done, his tenacity won in the end. Thomas Alva Edison failed ten thousand times until he made the incandescent lamp before he finally had it nailed. Sir Edmund Hilary of blessed memory was not the first man to climb Mount Everest but he was the first man to get to the summit with a lot of help from the magic word, tenacity

To be tenacious does not necessarily mean to do the same thing the same way over and over again rather it is doing the same thing in a different way till you get the desired results


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