10 Things You Need To Know About Twitter You Probably Overlooked

I love to tweet and so do many other people on the social media site, Twitter but I bet you that what you are about to read about the social media giant you either took for granted or overlooked

1 Twitter is 11 years old, it was created in March 2006 in California, United States of America

2 It’s founders are the quad of Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams

3 As at 2016 Twitter had 319 million active users

4 Twitter proved to be the largest source of breaking news for the United States presidential election with an incredible 40 million election related tweets sent by exactly 10 p.m

5 In 2012, an unbelievable 340 million tweets were posted by over 100 million users a day

6 The original code name for the service was ‘twttr’ before it was changed to ‘twitter’

7 The developers initially came up with ‘10958’ as a short code before settling for 40404 because it was a lot easier to remember

8 Twitter has more than 25 offices around the world

9 In 2013, Twitter was one of the ten most visited websites being described as the ‘SMS’ of the internet

10 Twitter has used three logos till date




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