10 Incredible Banana Facts That May Make You Go ‘Bananas’

Those sweet and yellow fruit that can be consumed anyway raw or refined yet there are some unbelievable facts about those edible things wrapped in yellow skins that might make you go bananas

1 The banana is botanically a berry

2 It goes by the scientific names Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana, the old name Musa sapientum is no longer used

3 Bananas are grown in an incredible 135 countries all around the world

4 The term ‘banana’ is also used as the common name for the name that produces the banana fruit

5 The banana is the largest herbaceous flowering plant

6 Bananas can grow in a variety of soil so long it is 60 cm deep and has a good drainage

7 The hanging cluster of bananas is known as a ‘bunch’

8 Individual bananas are known as ‘banana’ or ‘finger’

9 Bananas are slightly radioactive more than other fruits because of their potassium content

10 The word ‘banana’ is believed to of West African origin probably from the Wolof word

All this talk about bananas is making me hungry for them, does anyone feel the same way?


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