15 Incredible Facts That Will Make The Undertaker Unforgettable

At Wrestle Mania 33, the last bell tolled for the man referred to as Big Evil, Dead Man, Phenom or to WWE Universe as The Undertaker. While watching his theme song on YouTube, someone made a shocking comment that the day the Undertaker leaves WWE, there would be tears, how prophetic it was for after his defeat in the hands of Roman Reigns it was tears and tributes to the man from the dark side to the man who had entertained the wrestling world for over three decades. Here are some incredible that will make the Dead Man a living legend in the hearts of fans worldwide

1 The real name of The Undertaker is Mark William Calaway

2 His career has spanned over three decades, thirty-three to be precise

3 Before he was known as The Undertaker, he was known under other names like ‘Texas Red’  ‘Mark Mean Callous’, The Master of Pain, The Punisher, Kane The Undertaker

4 The Undertaker has outlived some of his rivals including the Ultimate Warrior, Yokozuna, Giant Gonzales to mention a few

5 He will be remembered for The Streak in which he went 21 matches undefeated at WrestleMania until it was ended by Broc Lesnar

6 The Undertaker is not a stranger to winning gold, he has won USWA Unified Heavyweight Championship title, he was won the WWE title four times and the World Heavyweight Championship title three times

7 Believe this or not he dropped out of Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Texas to focus on his career in sports

8 He once served five years mostly in solitary confinement in United States Penitentiary, Atlanta for killing two men in a fight in the year 1989

9 Until his retirement he remained the last of his generation of wrestlers still wrestling while his contemporaries like Hollywood Hogan then known as Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley known as Mankind, Ric Flair The Nature Boy

10 In 1994 because of his absence, Ted Dibiase introduced an impostor called The Undertaker who was actually his cousin Brian Lee whom he defeated after delivering three Tombstone Piledrivers

11 He also did some acting appearing in a movie like Suburban Commando, Poltergeist: The Legacy and Celebrity Deathmatch

12 He created his own posse which consisted of wrestlers like Yokozuna, Rikishi, Savio Vega, Charles Wright and The Godwinns known as the Bone Street Krew in which each member had initials of the faction tattooed to their bodies

13 The Undertaker is both a fan of boxing and  mixed martial arts

14 He has a black belt which he earned in 2011 after practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a long time

15 He is a big time investor in real estate owning some properties in his birthplace of Houston Texas

The Phenom though gone from WWE but he will forever remain the greatest wrestler that ever stepped into the ring, what do you think about the retirement of the Dead Man from the WWE?



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