Shocking! There Was A Luis Suarez At Barcelona Before This Luis Suarez

Just imagine the shock when you while working in a place, be it a store, a shop or even at a studio or television station only to discover that you had a predecessor that shares both the first and last name with you. Believe it or not people before the present Luis Suarez who plays for Barcelona, there was another Luis Suarez who played for the Blaugrana. Yes, that means that one Luis Suarez replaced the other one at Barcelona.

Luis Suarez Miramontes who played for Barcelona and other Spanish clubs like Deportivo de La Coruna and CD Espana Industrial as well as Italian clubs like Sampdoria and Internazionale popularly called InterMilan. He was nicknamed ‘The Architect’ because of his elegant style of play. He became the world’s most expensive player in the year 1961 when Barcelona sold him to Inter Milan for a record 250 million lira. The year before he broke a record by becoming the only Spanish born player to be voted as the Ballon d’Or winner, the first Barcelona player to hit that feat, paving a way for other Barcelona players like Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi

This is unbelivably true that Luis Suarez was not the first person called Luis to play at Nou Camp. How would you react to this especially if you are a big fan of Luis Suarez?


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