Shocking! 10 Secrets You Never Knew About Guinness

The beer brand, Guinness so much has been said yet so little is known about this giant of a company that has existed for over 20 decades, specially prepared for you are some incredible facts and figures you never knew about the mega brand

1 Guinness is precisely 258 years old and was founded by a man called Arthur Guinness

2 In the year 2009, Guinness celebrated 250 years of existence with a party held all over the world in which participants raised beer glasses to Arthur

3 Guinness is brewed in 50 nations and available in 120

4 The beer brand is the best-alcoholic drink in Ireland

5 Guinness makes on the average a whooping 2 billion euros annually

6 Former President of America, Barack Obama while on an official visit to Ireland stopped by the brewery and could not help but have a drink of Guinness

7 It all began in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1759, which accounts why the number 1759

8 The United Kingdom is the only sovereign state which consumes more beer than Ireland

9 This is shocking but true people that Nigeria is the third largest Guinness consuming nation followed by United States of America

10 The Guinness Book of Records was a marketing giveaway initiated by a one time Managing Director of Guinness, Sir Hugh Beaver

What do you think about the growth of Guinness over the years, are they permanent poles or consistent flashes in the pan, what do you think?


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