via Daily Prompt: Prudent

To be prudent means many things to many people, to some people it means to be sober, discreet, sagacious while to others it means to show careful and good judgement and to others it means the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason. To sum it up in one word to be prudent means to be wise.

If only many of our leaders from all sectors could be prudent we would not be experiencing one of over a hundred the crisis we are faced with saving billions of dollars of taxpayers money.

I was faced with a tough situation that needed prudence, I left my phone to charge some years back and on getting back, my colleague had dismantled the charger which I took from him along with my phone. On getting home, I discovered some amount of phone airtime was missing. My first suspect was Paul, the one who dismantled the charger but on getting to the office rather than accuse anyone I asked who had used my phone, the reply I got shocked me to the marrows. The person I thought was the culprit was not, the person whom I never thought was but he explained that he had no money so he used my phone but forgot to tell me. I learned an important lesson that day, I was sure glad that I had not blown my cool else I would have been eating humble pie back then. In a nutshell, a little prudence is needed to handle life’s toughest situations.


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