7 Incredible Things You Never Knew About Oranges

That sweet citrus fruit that we all love or at least most of us love but inside of this sweet fruit are some shocking secrets, secrets you will never believe

1 Orange which is of the citrus family is also known as, ‘Sweet Orange’

2 In the year 1987, sweet orange was discovered as the most cultivated fruit in the world

3 There are other citrus groups and they are, the Bitter orange, Bergamot orange, Trifoliate and Mandarin Orange

4 The orange tree is an evergreen flowering tree which stands at 9m to 10m which is 30-33 ft high

5 Sweet oranges were mentioned first in Chinese literature in 314 BC

6 In 2013, 71.4 million metric tons of oranges were grown worldwide with the highest being in Brazil and United States, Florida to be precise

7 The word orange is derived from a Sanskrit word for orange tree

All this talk about oranges is making thirsty for an orange fruit or an orange drink, what do you think of these facts about oranges?


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