You Won’t Believe This! 6 European Footballers Of The Year Who Are Not Europeans

It is said in Africa, that one must be a bonafide  member of a household to share of its inheritance but these people shook a belief to its very foundations, the belief that you must be European to win the European Footballer of The Year Award.

1 George Weah AC Milan (1995)

This son of Africa created several records in the year 1995, by becoming the first African to win European Footballer of The Year and still remains the only African to perform this feat also he became the first non European to win an award which was meant for European footballers. That year he won, African, European and World Footballer of The Year Awards.

2 Ronaldo de Lima Internazionale& Real Madrid (1997&2002)

Since one person had created the way it was easy for others to follow just like Sir Roger Bannister who broke the four minute mile inspiring a generation of others who did the same. Ronaldo followed the lead of George as he won the European Footballer of The Year not once but twice and with two different clubs to prove that the first time he won it was not a fluke

3 Rivaldo Barcelona (1999)

If one Brazilian can do it trust another to repeat it, two years after fellow team mate in the Brazilian national team won the coveted award for European Footballers, Rivaldo hit the mark by becoming the third non European to win the award and the second Brazilian in history to repeat this remarkable feat

4 Ronaldinho Gaucho Barcelona (2005)

There is no stopping the samba boys or the boys in yellow shirts and blue shorts who stop at nothing especially when it comes to the round leather game. Six years after Rivaldo did his native Brazil proud another son of South America who also played for Barcelona did his nation proud and making himself the third Brazilian to achieve this feat, his name Ronaldinho

5 Kaka AC Milan (2007)

Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and guess who is next on the winning list? It is Kaka, telling the world though silent that there is no stopping the boys in yellow because all they do is win, win and win. Kaka became the fifth non European and the fourth Brazilian to win European Footballer of The Year with the same club George Weah won it with, AC Milan

6 Lionel Messi Barcelona (2009)

Yes I saved the best for the last because this list will not be complete without, ‘The Messiah’ makes history as the sixth non European and the first Argentine to win the award. A well deserved award for a worthy player

Two unbelievable facts that you must not ignore are three of the winners of the award, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi won it while playing for Barcelona while George and Kaka won it while playing for AC Milan, dear reader what do you think of all these?







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