3 Blind But Incredibly Visionary Musicians

A wise man said ‘Blind minds are worse than blind eyes’. When asked what was worse than being born blind, Helen Keller replied, ‘A life without vision’ These are three incredible musicians who defied all odds and in spite of their seeming disability, they have stood out far above their contemporaries who have sight

Stevie Wonder

Stevland Hardaway Morris though born as Stevland Hardaway Judkins may need some introduction to the new generation of musicians and music lovers but to the older generation he is known as the legendary ‘Stevie Wonder’ Losing his sight after birth as a result of too much oxygen pumped into the incubator but determined to live a life above average decided to make the best of his situation. His turning point came while in class that was being disturbed my a mouse which he pointed was hiding in the waste paper basket. What he lacked in sight, he had in hearing and today he leads the pack of Grammy Award winning artistes, 25 in all also he is one of the most awarded solo male artistes selling over 100 million records worldwide. Who says you can’t make it in a world that is filled with people who have sight and no insight?

Ray Charles

Born as Ray Charles Robinson but known to generations as ‘Ray Charles’ who unlike Stevie Wonder still enjoyed brief stints of his eyesight before blinded at the tender age of seven. Ray was called ‘Brother Ray’ by his fellow musicians while others labeled him ‘The Genius’ because he was the first to combine Rhythm and Blues with gospel. Ray despite his blindness was one of the first African American to be given the right to choose the artistes he wanted to work. Ray was not without his challenges ranging from drug addiction to being criticized by fans that once adored him yet he remained great till the end by churning out great music which brought him several awards. The man who had no sight but made us see music in a new light, a light that  will continue to burn till the end of time

Cobhams Asuquo

Visually impaired but produces music in the class that those who can see find hard to catch up with. Just like Stevie and Ray he developed passion for music during his childhood for not only is he a musician, he is a producer who has inspired other musical acts like Asa, Rooftop MCs and most spectacular is he being the brain behind the theme song of ‘The Platform’ as well as the hit song ‘Ordinary People’

Are these trio awesome or what after defying the odds to lift themselves to extraordinary heights?





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