Shocking! 3 Rappers That Bear The Name Christopher

Love them or hate them, they love music, they rap and guess what? They all bear the name Christopher people can you believe that?

1 Notorious BIG

The black ‘Frank White’ as he calls himself went from ‘ashy to classy’ as he redefined rap music making himself a rap icon to be followed or a god worshiped by rap fans all over the world. The sky was his limit when suddenly on March 9th 1997 his whole world temporarily grounded to a halt, he was shot on the streets of Los Angeles shortly after he left the Soul Train Awards where he was booed of the stage at the tender age of 24. People called him numerous names, Biggie, Biggie Smalls, Notorious BIG but his real name, Christopher Latore George Wallace

2 Big Pun

The Big Rap Punisher left no stones unturned with his rap tunes and moves in spite or despite his massive size becoming the first Latino rapper to go platinum though he was called The Big Pun, his real name was Christopher Lee Rios. Big Pun continued to belch out hot hip hop music until the year 2000 when he died at the age of 29 from a fatal heart attack and respiratory failure

3 Kriss Kross

The dynamic duo who made dressing backwards the rave in the 90’s especially with their hit track ‘JUMP’. The duo were discovered by music producer, Jermaine Dupri while performing in a mall in Atlanta. In this case not just one of them bears Chris, two of them do, Mac Daddy bears the name Christopher Kelly while Daddy Mac bears the name Christopher Smith. Chris Kelly died in the  year 2013 from a possible drug overdose at the age of 34

That is that about that maybe there are more rappers that bear the name Christopher that you know will be glad if you share the information with me


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