Incredible! 3 Wrestlers Who Fooled Us With Their Identities

Appearances can be very deceptive because the more we look, we less we actually see. Not all that glitters before our eyeballs is gold and not all that sparkles are diamonds, these wrestlers way back had many of us fooled with their identities or nearly fooled us

1 Yokozuna

Remember that 600 pound monster mentored by the veteran and mastermind, Mr. Fuji who waved the Japanese flag to our faces finishing his opponents with the ‘Banzai Drop’. Opponents who suffered in the hands of this behemoth included,  Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Crush, Bret ‘The Hit Man’ Hart, Kamala and Hollywood Hogan just to mention a few. In the year 1994, on the 4th of July Mr. Fuji in New York city dared any wrestler to slam Yokozuna of which many tried but only Lex Luger succeeded. In Survivor  Series that year, he was among the Foreign Fanatics that fought against The Patriots that comprised of Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers and The Undertaker who took the place of Tatanka who had been eliminated. Shocking but the man the wrestling world called Yokozuna which is the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling is really an American who goes by the name Rodney Agatupu Ainoa’i who was a Samoan American but managed by Mr. Fuji who surprisingly is a Japanese American. Rodney passed on in the year 2000 at the age of 34 while on a wrestling tour in London

2 Kamala

I always knew there was something fishy about this wrestler referred to as the Ugandan giant. While in Nigeria for a match against then champion, Power Uti, Kamala in company of Special Delivery Jones spoke to the Nigerian audience with the American accent and years later he could barely say I am a man but guess what people? Kamala is not his real name neither is he from Uganda rather he is another American just like Rodney, an African-American who goes by the name James Harris who hails from Senatobia Mississippi. Great trick Jimmy you could have some of the people all the time but you couldn’t fool all the people all the time

3 Ludvig Borga

In the year 1993, a bullying wrestler from Finland demanded that when the Finnish anthem was being played he wanted all the wrestling fans to stand up an instruction which many defied. Ludvig continued to bully many wrestlers but was cut to size by Lex Luger in Survivor Series 1994. Little did the wrestling world know that Ludvig though was from Finland but his real name Tony Christian Halme who was a singer, actor, politician who died in the year 2010 from a bullet wound in a suicide attempt

There you have it people not all that you see is actually real some are illusions, some are figments of our imagination while some is just what others want us to believe



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