3 Incredible Athletes That Bear The Name Roger

These three people you are about to read about are from different nationalities and walks of life but share two things in common, they are athletes and I mean incredible athletes at that, and they all bear the same name, Roger

Roger Federer

What more could be said about the Swiss tennis superstar though ranked number 9 in the world has been dubbed the greatest tennis player ever by analysts and tennis players and Roger did not disappoint the faith they reposed in him as he won the Australian Open at the age of 35 proving a point that form maybe temporal but class is forever

Roger Bannister

On May 6 1954, history was made and a mission which many experts and critics had tagged impossible was turned to mission accomplished by a British medical student who at the Helsinki Olympics two years was the object of scorn by the press for coming fourth. Till that moment nobody had run a mile race in less than four minutes but he did even with limited time to train and the result, he beat the four minute mile race by a second. A month later, he record was broken by an Australian John Landy who was a rival to him but Bannister proved himself the better athlete when they met face-to-face in the British Empire Games in Vancouver Canada that same year as he beat his rival’s record by a second running at 3:58:8 before 35,000 spectators. Roger showed the world that the impossible could be made possible if people believed

Roger Miller

Albert Robert Mooh Miller proved to the world at Italia 90 and USA 94 that age is nothing but a number as he not only appeared at both editions of the World Cup as the oldest player but the oldest player to score five goals in the quadrennial tournament. The world knew nothing of this Camerounian who was a member of the Indomitable Lions squad at Espana 82 until eight years later as he dazzled the world with breathtaking goals and entertaining dance moves which he will never be forgotten for. His exploits at Italia 90 earned him the CAF African Footballer of The Year Award. Many rumours have it that he was one of the reasons that FIFA, the world football governing body increased Africa’s slot from two to three.



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