6 Unbelievable Facts You Should Know About Yahya Jammeh

The secrets of men they say are in their stories when you dig a little deeper you find out some unbelievable things you would never have imagined. Here are some unbelievable facts about the former strongman of Gambia who was outdone by a stronger man and the people

1 Yahya Jammeh became military head of state ten years after he had joined the Gambian army, he joined in 1984 and on July 22nd 1994 he rose to power though a bloodless coup.

2 He came Head of State at the young age of 29

3 He and General Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria share some things in common, they both overthrew the military leaders before them via military coups, one coup was bloodless while the other was bloody. Both coups took place in the months of July while Jammeh’s coup was on the 22nd of July 1994, Gowon’s coup was on the 29th of July 1966. They were both 29 years of age at the time of their rising to leadership.

4 He received military police training in Senegal, Senegal was one of the ECOWAS countries enforced to show him the way out forcefully if he refused to go willingly

5 He ruled the country of Gambia for 22 years before he was voted out in the presidential elections of December 1st, 2016

6 Jammeh joins the list of African rulers who were forced out of power, Mobutu Seseseko who was exiled in 1997 to Morocco where he died, Idi Amin Dada of Uganda in 1979 to Saudi Arabia where he died in 2003. He went to Guinea and then proceeded to Equatorial Guinea

Whar do you think about the former strongman of Gambia? If you gained something from this short piece then share with others if not, leave your comments.



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