5 Towns With The Most Incredible Names

Imagine finding yourself on a side of town and when you ask those you think or its inhabitants what the name of the town is only to to be hit with an incredible name, these five towns take the biscuit when you are talking about incredible names

1 Hell

This small Michigan town is not known for brimstone and fire neither is it known for the devil and demons rather it is known for producing moonshine in which men would disappear in a drunken state and when their wives were asked of their whereabouts, they would simply reply ‘They’ve gone to hell’. Not the kind of hell anybody will go to

2 Sandwich

I love sandwiches and so do others but believe it or not the oldest town in Cape Cod was given the name for the seaport of Sandwich in Kent England and not not because of the delicious snack though I wish it was.

3 Happyland

Everyone seems to be happy in the small town which is located on the banks of Connecticut which is mostly unincorporated meaning it is a town that you can’t be heavily taxed.

4 Boring Oregon City

Why in heaven’s name would anybody name a town boring, maybe because he or she was bored at the time, I hope the people are not boring people who bore other people to death

5 Embarrass

This is quite embarrassing that someone could call a town a name as embarrassing as ‘Embarrass’. I hope it was not an embarrassing situation that brought forth the name



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