5 Unbelievable Facts About The Comedy Mind Your Language You Never Knew

That hilarious comedy of the 70’s which could not stop viewers from laughing as the teacher, Mr. Jeremy had to deal with a motley class of adults from various foreign nations giving him one headache too many, here are some facts about the comedy that you would never believe

1 It was created in the year 1977 premiering first on ITV

2 Mind Your Language was one of the first British television programmes in South Africa after the end of the boycott by the British Actors’ Equity Association.

3 The comedy show  was so popular that it had many other versions in other nations and examples are ‘Second Chance’ (Nigeria) ‘Jami’ar Albarkawa’ (Hausa, Nigeria), ‘What A Country’ (United States) ‘Zabaan Sambhalke’ (India and Pakistan), ‘Raja Kaduwa’ (Sri Lanka), ‘Classmates’ (Kenya), ‘Kelas Internasional’ (Indonesia)

4 Though it was cancelled in the UK because of racial stereotyping, it was popular overseas especially in the countries that were represented in the class

5 Until it was cancelled in 1979, it had a following of 18 million viewers


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