13 Incredible Facts To Know About Breakfast

Breakfast the first meal of the day, that meal that prepares us for the tasks the day puts before us, but little do most of us know that there is more to breakfast than we actually know

1 The first time the word breakfast was used was in 1463

2 The earliest known breakfast was porridge

3 The concept of breakfast didn’t exist in the United States until the mid to late 1800’s

4 An estimated 31% of people skip breakfast

5 39% of breakfast eaters would rather grab something to eat in an eatery than at home

6 A survey claimed that those who eat breakfast and a healthy one at that are top of the game in their daily activities

7 92% of breakfast eaters prefer cooked meals to snacks

8 The word ‘dinner’ came from the French word ‘disnar’ which means breakfast

9 Women would on their priority list put making their hair and choosing their clothes first and breakfast last

10 More people eat breakfast out of the home than in

11 The average person sits to eat breakfast by 7.31 am on weekdays and 8.28am on weekends

12 The word ‘breakfast’ literally means the breaking of the fasting period of the previous night.

13 The most popular place to eat breakfast is at home alone or in the midst of other family members on the table or on the couch

Does anyone else have any facts about breakfast that we need to know?



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