10 Unbelievable Facts About Ninjas That You Probably Ignored

From the day I watched American Ninja, I could not but be fascinated by those warriors in black who moved with stealth, speed and skill while trying to evade an enemy or advancing to attack one. Here are ten unbelievable facts about ninjas that you never took notice of

1 Ninjas are also known as ninjutsu, a Japanese word that means a highly trained person in martial arts it also means the strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare, guerilla warfare and espionage used by the shinobi

2 Ninjas were mostly used as spies which was their primary purpose, they were also used to carry out silent assasinations.

3 Their black outfit which they are popular for was not their only outfit, they also wore outfits such as the ‘komuso’ and the ‘yamabushi’ which made it easy for them to blend in and hard to be detected

4 Some of the ninjas were female called ‘kunoichi’ who posed as dancers and entertainers which was a covert way of gaining information

5 The ninjas who acted in Ian Fleming’s ‘You Only Live Twice’ were trained by the only ninja master in the world because the producers wanted it too look more authentic, he even made a cameo appearance in the movie

6 Only one Japanese ninja remains in person of Jinichi Kawakami a 63 year old leader of the 21st head of the Ban clan, a sect that dates back to 500 years. He made a promise not to pass on the skills to any of his apprentices because the ninja skills are obsolete in the 21st century

7 The star shaped Shurikens deadly looking they as they were, were never designed to kill rather they were made with the intention to wound as quiet soldiers who were light on their feet using their enemies weaknesses against them

8 The first ninja was a man by the name Otomono Sahiti, a spy for Prince Shotoku

9 Ninja training begins from childhood just like the samurai family, at that tender age they were taught survival tactics, as well as about poisons and explosives

10 Ninjas were not highly respected people of society, they were the garbage men who did the dirty work no one else wanted to do which was killing people in a covert manner, an dishonourable act. They were treated like the untouchables of India.




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