5 Most Incredible Big Men of Rap

The bigger are the harder they rap, the big overweight guys are certainly not being outdone in the game of rap and believe me that they have held their own against smaller and more nimble competitors. Here is a countdown of the five most incredible big men of rap

5 Chubb Rock

The Big man who is both of Jamaican and American nationality born under the name Richard Simpson. He was a pre-med student of Brown University before he dropped out to drop lyrical bombs in the rap world, bombs which literally caused an earthquake with tracks like I Gotta Got Mine, And The Winner is, Chubb Rock, The One and many others. Chubb may not be on the stage that doesn’t mean he is out of the rap age as he did a song on Raptivism Records titled, ‘No More Prisons. This rock is still standing strong.

4 Big Pun

Big Pun as he was popularly called by his fans and foes alike was born under the name Christopher Lee Rios, an American child born to Puerto Rican parents. Pun was another heavy hitter as a rapper and a writer of rap lyrics and bringing out songs like ‘I’m Not A Player’ Still Not A Player’ featuring Joe as well as other songs that kept him in the limelight until his death in the year 2000 at the tender age of 28

3 Heavy D

Dwight Errington Myers known by his name Heavy D just like Chubb Rock was the son of Jamaican parents. Leader of the defunct group Heavy D and The Boyz, was not just a rapper but a singer, record producer and actor who was known for dropping hits like Big Tyme, Waterbed, Heavy, Vibes and showing his artistic talent in films like Who’s The Man, Tower Heist, Larceny and others it was curtain call for the big man on the 8th of November 2011 as he was reported to have died of pulmonary embolism at the young age of 44. Gone but never to be forgotten, Heavy D continues to live in the hearts of those he impacted with his music

2 Fat Boys

The big men’s trio were the hit of the 80’s until the 90’s discovered by Swiss national Charlie Settler who was just embracing the hip hop culture and settling for the trio of Big Buff Love who was a pioneer at beatboxing which is using his mouth to create hip hop percussion sounds, Markie Dee and Kool Rock Ski. The trio did songs like Fat Boys, Fat Boys Are Back, Big and Beautiful and lots of other songs that makes us have big love for these big men

1 Notorious BIG

Love or hate it, this son of Bed Sty redefined the face of hip hop with his unique style and swag. Born as Christopher George Latore Wallace, he became a household name with his song ‘Juicy’ in 1995 and from there no one could stop the big man from reaching for the sky of the hip hop world. Even the heat of the East Coast/West Coast rivalry, he played it cool when every one was blowing hot. Though he had two albums to his name, Ready To Die and Life After Death he maintains a larger than life posture. Son of Jamaican parents like Simpson and Myers dropped out of school only to become the face of hip hop which he refers to as going from ‘ashy to classy’. Notorious BIG was shot on the streets of Los Angeles just like his former friend Tupac Shakur on his way back from the Soul Train Awards where he was booed off the stage he was just 24.

The footprints of these big men some living and some dead are fresh in the sands of time to be honoured by even generations unborn


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