3 Incredible Best Selling Authors Who Bear The Name Robert

Funny or not Robert happens to be the name for poets and authors for example, Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote Treasure, Robert Lee Frost who wrote the poem The Road Not Taken, Robert Burns who wrote the poem A Red, Red Rose, here are three best selling authors who bear the name, you guessed it Robert

Robert Greene:

This American author took the world by storm in the year 1998 when he wrote his first book The 48 Laws of Power which became a bestseller selling millions of copies worldwide one which eventually found its way into the hands of Curtis Jackson, that’s right people 50 Cent who was a big fan of the book bringing the hip hop mogul and the author together as they collaborated to bring one of the most dangerous books ever to be written about fearlessness, The 50th Law. Robert Greene also hit the world with The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, 5oth Law and Mastery. The most dangerous intellectual books to be written on the subjects of seduction, war, fearlessness and mastery respectively. A recluse who avoids the limelight has a following numbering thousands worldwide

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Call him the millionaire teacher, millionaire educator or money lecturer and you won’t be wrong because this fourth generation Japanese American changed the way people thought about money with his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ which even critics say is the best selling financial book of all times. Robert went ahead to challenge the status quo with books like, ‘If You Want To Be Rich And Happy, Don’t Go To School’ which exposed the dangers of just exposing the future generations to formal education and neglecting to teach them about money. Robert wrote other best selling books like, Cash Flow Quadrant, Retire Young Retire Rich, Conspiracy of The Rich, Business of The 21st Century and many others which have sold millions of copies worldwide as well as remaining on the list of best selling authors.

Robert G. Allen

Another best selling author and millionaire teacher who goes by the name Robert, Robert just like his namesake has taught many all over the world how to create wealth from the scratch with best selling books like Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, Nothing Down and Creating Wealth.

It is as if these men called Robert have a link with becoming best selling authors just my opinion what is yours?


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